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Protecting your Jewelry

March 6, 2013

A lot of the jewelry we own have metallic beads in them. After a while, the metal components acquire a dull dark coating due to oxidation or what we call tarnish. The jewelry doesn’t look as nice or as sparkling as it was when we first purchased them. That is because most metals including silver tarnish over a period of time.
There are few things you can do to prolong the life of your jewelry.

  • Don’t let your jewelry stay open in humid air.
  • When you are not wearing them, you could store your jewelry in ziploc pouches. This reduces tarnish to a great extent.
  • When you store your jewelry in a container, add a piece of chalk to it. Chalk will absorb the tarnish causing chemicals inthe air
  • You could also buy anti tarnish tabs or anti tarnish pouches and store your jewelry in them. These anti tarnish tabs provide protection against tarnish for upto 12 months and are not not very expensive. The tabs absorb the tarnish causing substances without leaving a residue on the jewelry.  They are non toxic and non abrasive and is available for a fraction

Hope these tips help you.  If you know of any other ideas, please share them with me .


New beginnings

December 10, 2008

I have always contemplated on writing a blog. I visit a lot of  blogs and enjoy reading them. Some people are so eloquent and they write about  their day to day activities,  their passions ,their families, children and a myriad different things.

I wondered what I will write about!!  Nothing really happens in my life everyday worth mentioning in a blog ,I think. But the thought has been bothering me.

I finally start my journey into the world of blogging. I plan to write about my passion, or one of my passions, so to say.

I really like beading, enjoy looking at jewellery designs and love to make my own jewellery for friends and family. I figured  I will write about the thoughts that go into the making of these designs and also show some of my creations here in this blog.