Black Onyx bead necklace

Double string black onyx necklace

I made a double string black onyx necklace  for myself. I saw one of my mom’s friends wearing a similar necklace . It was very pretty and quite traditional. I wanted one to go with my saree too.

I used 0.015″ gauge wire to thread the onyx beads. I put in antique gold bead  spacers to bring out the contrast. I also finished this with gold filled clasps. I bought the beads and the findings at 3 beads and a button beadstore. This is my absolute favourite store to buy beads and the folks who work here are very  friendly and helpful. I go in there from time to time to browse through their collection of beaded jewelry.


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4 Responses to “Black Onyx bead necklace”

  1. Cyndi L Says:

    I *love* that black and gold together…very elegant!

  2. SS Says:

    Hey, i love this piece. I haven’t seen it before? The different pieces work really well together. Did you make earrings to go with it too?

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