I am back

I wanted to do justice to this blog but I couldn’t keep writing about jewelry and not show the pieces I made. After I wrote  one post, I figured, the best way to explain what I was talking about was with pictures. And I am not good at taking pictures.
For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how to take good pictures of jewelry.  The ones that I took looked very drab and did no justice to the pieces. I figured I couldn’t do it mysef and got help from a dear friend’s husband. He was very accomodative and helped me take some really nice pictures.

Blue sea Bracelet and Earrings

 I made a few  bracelets and matching earrings with glass beads  for my son’s teachers just before he left Preschool as a token of appreciation. My son helped me pick the beads from Michaels. I may not have bought these beads in particular if not for him. He was very insistent on the colour. It turned out pretty good and I was  happy with the finished project. My weekend was gone trying to making these sets, taking pictures and individually wrapping them. My friend was kind enough to help me with the wrapping as well.


4 Responses to “I am back”

  1. Deepa Says:

    Beautiful piece. Hope to see more of your such creations in the future.

  2. A-kay Says:

    Those looks beautiful Mag! A does have a really good color-sense 🙂

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