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Weekend Project

December 16, 2008

My husband’s family is meeting up for Christmas and we are all heading towards Tahoe.
When there is a Christmas party, there is gift exchange. There are about 4 young girls in this group and I thought I will make them all some jewellery. For some of you it might seem like a small task to make jewellery for kids but not for me!!

I usually think about what to make, browse designs for hours and then figure out where to buy them and how to make them.. A lot of hours go without me actually picking up a bead to string!!

Anyway, this weekend was perfect. It was raining heavily and my kid and husband were watching a movie.

I went to the beading store closest to my house and browsed there for a while. I didn’t have an idea of what I wanted and the range of colours and beads there just overwhelmed me . I was going through aisle after aisle admiring all the beads for an hour before I decided to buy some wiring material such as Soft Flex 0.015″ ,some clasps , a string of black bead chips and a string of black onyx beads. Black is my favourite colour and I thought if the kids didn’t like it, I might as well wear it .

Now, I was ready to start the first necklace with the beads and the tools in hand. I wanted to make something dainty for the kids to wear, not too heavy and chunky. I did not want beads on the entire length of the necklace . It seemed like too much. I took a length of wire and strung 30 chips in it, moved these beads to the centre and strung 2 crimp beads on either side to keep the chips in place. Finally , added the clasps and it was ready to go. I thought it looked nice and didn’t take much time. I have to make corresponding earrings but 1 down, 3 more to go… I will post the picture very soon.


New beginnings

December 10, 2008

I have always contemplated on writing a blog. I visit a lot of  blogs and enjoy reading them. Some people are so eloquent and they write about  their day to day activities,  their passions ,their families, children and a myriad different things.

I wondered what I will write about!!  Nothing really happens in my life everyday worth mentioning in a blog ,I think. But the thought has been bothering me.

I finally start my journey into the world of blogging. I plan to write about my passion, or one of my passions, so to say.

I really like beading, enjoy looking at jewellery designs and love to make my own jewellery for friends and family. I figured  I will write about the thoughts that go into the making of these designs and also show some of my creations here in this blog.