Protecting your Jewelry

March 6, 2013

A lot of the jewelry we own have metallic beads in them. After a while, the metal components acquire a dull dark coating due to oxidation or what we call tarnish. The jewelry doesn’t look as nice or as sparkling as it was when we first purchased them. That is because most metals including silver tarnish over a period of time.
There are few things you can do to prolong the life of your jewelry.

  • Don’t let your jewelry stay open in humid air.
  • When you are not wearing them, you could store your jewelry in ziploc pouches. This reduces tarnish to a great extent.
  • When you store your jewelry in a container, add a piece of chalk to it. Chalk will absorb the tarnish causing chemicals inthe air
  • You could also buy anti tarnish tabs or anti tarnish pouches and store your jewelry in them. These anti tarnish tabs provide protection against tarnish for upto 12 months and are not not very expensive. The tabs absorb the tarnish causing substances without leaving a residue on the jewelry.  They are non toxic and non abrasive and is available for a fraction

Hope these tips help you.  If you know of any other ideas, please share them with me .


Teacher’s Appreciation week!

June 3, 2010

My son is in Kindergarden and he loves going to school. He has two wonderful teachers and I have developed a  healthy respect  for them over the past year. Having  teachers that we can talk to and communicate our thoughts and worries  is very important especially since he spends  a major part of his day with them.  I made these 2 bracelets for them as my token of appreciation.

One is a snowflake obsidian chip bracelet similar to this  . The other  is made with turquoise beads and has a lovely toggle clasp.


May 3, 2010

I got this beautiful carnelian stone in a gift shop in Pike place, Seattle a couple of years.  At that time, I didn’t know what I would do with the stone and  it was lost in my big pile of jewelry making supplies. It resurfaced this morning when I was clearing some shelves to move all my supplies to a new workspace.  I  quickly dropped all my other chores  and sat down to make this striking pendant.  I used 22 ga copper wire for the wirework .

Carnelian pendant

Bing cherry bracelet

March 22, 2010

Me and a couple of like minded friends visited the Gem show last year. We had a lot of fun browsing through all the stores, finding the right pieces, haggling over prices and buying more than we had originally planned.  I bought this beautiful string of garnets there and I finally got around to using it for a bracelet this weekend. I love the deep red colour and the brilliant shine from its faceted surface.

‘ Mother of pearl’ bracelet

February 9, 2010

I picked up this strand of beads from my neighbourhood Michaels. It caught my attention because it had a  unique shape, different from those that I have seen before. The bead is  called ‘Mother of Pearl’. They come in several natural colors and are bleached and dyed for decorative use.  The bead has a shimmery look which makes it quite sought after. I tried a variety of designs and settled with this bracelet. Do you like it?

The year that went by..

January 4, 2010

The last year flew so fast that I am not able to sit down for sometime and reflect on how it went, what I accomplished and didn’t,  and how I can make this one better.

The two things that stand out on the personal front is my son starting Kindergarden and me getting hooked on to beading.
It only seems like yesterday that he was born and I wondering when the feeding, diaper changing,  Doctor visits,  and all the travails of the first year will end. Now, after 5 years, it doesn’t seem so bad.

The other one, where I spend countless hours wondering what to make, sketching the designs when I think of them, taking pictures of jewelry pieces I like,  going to gem shows and stores that sell beads, buying countless strands of beads in these store aisles, talking to more people like me who love beading, creating jewelery, admiring them and gifting them to folks. It does take a big chunk of my life.

This is another necklace I made for a friend. It stands out very elegantly on her. The bead very closely resembles amazonite.

Arabian Nights

September 26, 2009

I made a bracelet earlier this week for a dear friend of mine. I have known her for what seems like ages now. She loves Fashion Jewelry and I have been meaning to make her something for a while now. Her son and mine are great friends and whenever I make something, he will ask if he can give this to  S’s mom.

Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights

 I got this beautiful string of sodalite chips at the Gem show. I strung the chips in a memory wire bracelet and finished off the edges with some wirework. A memory wire bracelet is a hassle free way of wearing bracelets with one hand. It slides on and off and retains its shape.

Gift wrapping Jewelry

September 14, 2009

I need to find a way to package the necklaces, bracelets and earrings that I make or buy. In some of the retailer outlets,  we just get the jewelry off the shelf and there is no packaging of any sort.  In some other stores, they put them in paper covers.

The pricier jewelry stores have fancy velvet gift boxes for their jewelry. One actually pays a fortune and I am pretty sure the price of the  packaging is factored into the price of the jewelry

How do I package the jewelry so that it not only looks  nice but also functional in holding the piece fairly intact.

I found this really nice tutorial  to make a pouch

I am not very comfortable sewing  jewelry pouches but I will if I can’t find anything else.

Can we purchase  gift boxes or pouches in larger quantities. Do you know of any such place we can buy them from.. Any suggestions will be really useful and help me with this dilemna.

Black Onyx bead necklace

August 24, 2009

Double string black onyx necklace

I made a double string black onyx necklace  for myself. I saw one of my mom’s friends wearing a similar necklace . It was very pretty and quite traditional. I wanted one to go with my saree too.

I used 0.015″ gauge wire to thread the onyx beads. I put in antique gold bead  spacers to bring out the contrast. I also finished this with gold filled clasps. I bought the beads and the findings at 3 beads and a button beadstore. This is my absolute favourite store to buy beads and the folks who work here are very  friendly and helpful. I go in there from time to time to browse through their collection of beaded jewelry.

How do you accessorise an outfit

July 16, 2009

I always wonder what goes well together.  Should I wear  earrings and a necklace to match my blouse or should I just wear a striking bracelet . What is in fashion and and what appeals to the eye.

When I was younger, I didn’t like to wear necklaces.  I would just wear  a matching earring. Nowadays, with me more involved in fashion jewelry, I try to wear an earring and a coordinated  bracelet and rarely do I wear all 3 matching pieces unless it is a special occasion.  It all depends on  my mood that day and how much time I have to get dressed.

What I find though is, however we wear it, if its a fine piece of jewelry and if its unique, it always catches somebody’s attention.

So how do you like to wear your jewelry?

AmethystBraceletAmethystEarringsHere is another earring and bracelet combination I made with Amethyst. I like working with semi precious stones and this is one of my favousite gemstones. I strung the amethyst stones on an elastic cord. The amethyst stones are separated by  silver plated spacers to enhance the colour . I have followed the same pattern on the earrings as well